Crystalled by Jane offers a bespoke Swarovski crystal embellishing service for all kinds of footwear, costumes and clothing, accessories, stage wear and equipment, household items and more. Pretty much anything in fact!

I decorate items for women, men and children; for brides and weddings; for television and cabaret performers and stage productions. I do evening shoes, sport shoes, prom shoes, children’s shoes and simply-because-they’re-beautiful shoes!

For all custom enquiries please use the form on our contact page to provide as detailed a description of your item and embellishment as possible.

What do I do?

Crystalled by Jane uses only genuine Crystals from Swarovski are applied individually by hand, in the colours and design of your choosing, to create stunning one-of-a-kind crystal embellished items of footwear which you won’t see anywhere else.

How Does It Work?

You select the item you wish to be embellished. If this is footwear it is essential they fit you well and are comfortable to wear. Please see Guidance for Footwear for more details.

Decide how you want the item to be decorated. For shoes, perhaps the entire shoe or just the straps, the heel, maybe the undersole, or the logo of your trainers. You may not know how you’d like your item decorated – that’s okay! Just send me a photo and I will contact you with ideas. Check out the Gallery for inspiration.

Choose your colour(s). The Swarovski colour chart has dozens of shades and variations and I can supply them all. If you are trying to colour-match your item, or simply wish to see colours ‘in the flesh’, I offer a crystal sample service. In certain instances I can also paint items first to change its colour completely. This works especially well with leather shoes and bags.

Contact me or email me directly with a photo of your item and a description of the embellishment you would like (if known). This is the stage where we work together to achieve exactly the design and colour scheme you are after.

Once we have agreed on a design and fee, you send me the item and payment and I get to work creating something entirely unique and custom-designed to your requirements! You will usually receive your Crystalled by Jane Swarovski embellished item back within 3 weeks.

Guidance for Footwear

Footwear does not have to be new and unworn, but it does have to be in good condition. I can cover minor scuffs and scrapes to the uppers but heel tips, soles, laces, straps etc must be in good order. If I receive shoes which I feel are not in good enough condition to embellish, I will return them at the client’s expense. If in doubt, send me photos!
Ideally the colour of the footwear will broadly match the colour of crystal selected. This is not essential (or even achievable where multiple colours of crystals are desired) as I can paint the shoes footwear in some cases. Please ask if this is of interest to you.
I am able to crystal embellish most types of materials. Suitable materials are suede, faux suede, microfibre, leather, patent leather, canvas, metal, satin and similar smooth fabrics. Velvet , rubber and textured materials are not suitable.


What type of shoes can I embellish?

  • Please see Guidance for Footwear

What material or colour should the shoes be?

  • Please see Guidance for Footwear

Do you provide the item for bespoke/custom work?

  • For footwear, generally-speaking the customer provides the item for reasons stated in Guidance for Footwear.
  • For other items, it may be possible for Crystalled by Jane to obtain the item subject to clear instruction from the client as to exact design, style, size and availability.
  • The full cost of item obtained on behalf of a client is to be borne by the client and, provided it has been bought to the client’s specifications, no refunds can be given if it proves to be unsuitable for any reason once the embellishment is completed.

Do you only use Swarovski crystals?

  • Yes, except in circumstances detailed below.
  • It will be clearly stated in the item description if the crystals are Crystals from Swarovski.
  • All Swarovski crystals are genuine; sourced and traceable from a Swarovski Authorized Retailer.
  • Where a particular colour-match is required, alternatives brands (such as Preciosa) can be offered, in full consultation with the client.

How should I care for my Crystalled by Jane crystal embellished item?

  • These items are not toys, and should not be treated as such.
  • Crystals are adhered using extremely strong profession-grade glue designed to attach the crystals permanently for the purposes of normal wear and use. If, however, an embellished item experiences extreme stress (such as being dropped or scraping a heel in a grate) then crystals may dislodge. This is considered normal. It is recommended that embellished footwear is treated with the same care as a pair of fine suede shoes.
  • Bespoke orders come with spare crystals just in case of mishaps!

Do you do repairs?

  • Yes of course. Accidents happen and most instances of missing crystals can be invisibly repaired. Please use the contact form or email, outlining the nature of the repair.

Can you crystal embellish unusual items other than those featured on the website?

  • Yes, absolutely!
  • Whilst footwear is my principal line, I have embellished phone covers, clothing, stage equipment, costumes, drinking cups, homewares, bunting, carkeys, mirrors … all sorts of things (my family tease me that if something sits still long enough, it’ll get covered in crystals). If you have something in mind, please get in touch.


What our customers think

“I commissioned Jane to customise a pair of red Timberlands for a very special lady’s birthday. We are both so pleased with them! Fantastic service from start to finish”

Sarah, Hertfordshire

“I was absolutely delighted with Jane's beautiful crystals that took my dress from pretty to drop dead gorgeous and utterly unique. So many at prom complemented the stones and their dazzling effect when they caught the light. Jane executed exactly what I wanted with lots of ideas and was very accommodating as I was very last minute! I would recommend Jane to anyone looking to bling up any item in their wardrobe!”

Isabella, Herfordshire

Thank you so much Jane for my lovely shoes!!!! I had so many lovely comments about my shoes this weekend!!! They are exactly what I wanted!!!

Anne Marie, London